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A kettle pours hot water into a Hario v60 setup

How to Make a Pourover With a Hario V60

Preparing the coffee and filter

  1. Bring filtered water to 205°F, or 30 seconds off the boil. We recommend a “gooseneck” style kettle for pouring.
  2. Weigh out 25g-30g of coffee beans. Grind beans to be about the size of medium-fine sand. Check your grinder for approximate settings.
  3. Fold along the seam of the paper filter. This is so that it opens when you place it inside in the ceramic holder.
  4. Wet the filter and empty out the water.
  5. Place the filter back in the ceramic holder and add the coffee grinds. Tare the scale. Make sure that the coffee is dispersed evenly.

Extracting the coffee

  1. In a circular motion, gradually pour double the amount of water-to-beans (if using 25g of beans, that means 50g of water) onto the coffee grinds, making sure that it is evenly saturated.
  2. Let the coffee bloom for 50-60 seconds. This releases gases that bring flavor to the coffee and is essential to making the perfect cup.
  3. In a circular, consistent motion, gradually pour another 150g of hot water over the grinds (if you used 25g of beans, scale should now read 200g in total). The flow of water should be steady.
    • Tip: Try to avoid pouring directly on the filter. Focus more on the center of the grinds.
  4. Just before the water drains below the grinds, begin pouring another 100g of water. Repeat this step once more (by the end your scale should read 400g if you started with 25g of beans).
  5. Enjoy!

Pro Tips

  • We recommend waiting until just after the water has drained below the surface of the beans to remove the filter and grinds.
  • At this point your fresh coffee is still very hot, and while ready to be drank, you will likely find that the complexities and nuances of the coffee’s flavor profile are easier to taste as it cools slightly.
  • Have fun! Just like one may “taste” and talk about wine, one can taste and talk about coffee, too. Think about the flavors or characteristics you notice as you sip…or simply how you feel while doing so. Let us know what flavor notes you taste in your coffee below!

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