Specialty coffee from our home to yours.

🐐Amalthea Bean Basics📝: in case you haven’t heard, we roast  #SpecialtyCoffee ☕✨ But what does that mean?  Specialty Coffee is not just some marketing term, it is a specific classification with high standards. Unlike mass-produced coffee, specialty coffee beans are meticulously sourced and chosen for their unique flavors, aromas, and qualities. These beans are generally grown in ideal climates at high elevations and are harvested with care, ensuring only the top-tier beans make

Preparing the coffee and filter Bring filtered water to 205°F, or 30 seconds off the boil. We recommend a "gooseneck" style kettle for pouring.Weigh out 25g-30g of coffee beans. Grind beans to be about the size of medium-fine sand. Check your grinder for approximate settings.Fold along the seam of the paper filter. This is so that it opens when you place it inside in the ceramic holder.Wet the filter and empty out the