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Why Amalthea?

Amalthea, in Greek mythology was Zeus’ foster mother and can be represented as various different stories. She’s said to be a nymph who fed baby Zeus (King of the Gods) the milk from a goat. The goat broke off one of it’s horns and Amalthea filled it with fruits and flowers as a symbol of divine riches. It was later presented to Zeus who placed it with the goat among the stars.  In another tale she is represented as the goat that fed the infant God in a cave deep in Crete.

Goats can be tied back to coffee decades ago in the ancient legend of Kaldi. The worldwide phenomenon of coffee roasting actually dates back all the way to 11th century of Ethiopian forests and plateaus. Kaldi and the legend of coffee has been told for centuries. Kaldi was a goat herder in Ethiopia and it was in those forested plateaus of this country where he discovered the so called “magical fruit.”

As Kaldi’s goats began eating the berries he noticed they were getting so energetic it became impossible for them to sleep. At this discovery, Kaldi brought it to the head of a local monastery. The abbot immediately was intrigued by this innovation and made a drink out of the berries. He found himself alert, awake and focus. Once the head of the monastery passed along the knowledge of this discovery to the other monks word spread and it spread fast.

Word of this incoming miracle reached the Arabian Peninsula and started a journey that grasped the whole globe presently reaching the United States that made coffee all it is today.

Thus became, Amalthea Coffee Roasters from our home to yours, with love.