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Guatemala – Antigua – “Los Volcanes” (SHB)


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ANTIGUA – Los Volcanes (SHB)

Antigua, Guatemala boasts some of the world’s most sought after coffees. The high altitudes and volcanic, nutrient-rich soil found here are two prime factors in growing unique and outstanding coffees. Our “Los Volcanes” beans are all “Strictly Hard Bean” (SHB) graded, the highest level grading scale, and pack a deliciously full-bodied, almost velvety, mouth-feel that delivers so many of the wonderful citrusy, chocolatey, brown-sugary flavor notes that make Guatemala, and Antigua in particular, so famous in the coffee world.


Altitude: 1500 masl.
Process:  Fully Washed
Flavor:  Orange, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar



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12 oz, 5 lbs

1 review for Guatemala – Antigua – “Los Volcanes” (SHB)

  1. Jay

    Picked up this coffee one day at a coffee shop because I was low on coffee at home and it was one of the greatest finds of all time. I absolutely love this coffee! I’ve been struggling to find a bean for me, but I think I’ve found the winner in the Guatemala – Antigua Los Volcanes blend! I’m sold!

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