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El Salvador – Cafe Kyreol – Honey Process


Cafe Kreyol – Canton San Isidro –  Honey Processed 

While sweetness is definitely involved, the term “Honey Process” refers to the thin honey-like mucilage layer of the coffee bean, not the taste (although we do happen to get some pleasant honey notes on this one). In this method, the outer layers of the coffee cherry are removed prior to drying, but the mucilage is left on during the drying process. This provides the bean added time to develop their naturally sweeter flavor notes.

We’ve roasted these beans to bring out their best attributes, resulting in a coffee that is smooth and creamy bodied with that extra hint of sweetness.


Altitude: 1900 masl.
Process:  Honey
Flavor:  Brown Sugar, Honey, Stone fruit & florals



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12 oz, 5 lbs


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